Fenwright Manor is a multi- media Haunted House project that began in May of 1996. The physical aspect started as Halloween props and set decoration. The ultimate goal is for it to be constructed as a Spookhouse Attraction.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

About Fenwright Manor

Fen: n. low, swampy land; bog.

Wright: n. a worker, workman, maker, creator.
One who makes or constructs; (shipwright, wheelwright)

Manor: n. The landed estate of a feudal lord.
(definitions taken from "Webster's New Twentieth Century Dictionary", published 1970)

I felt the definitons necessary to explain the name. Fenwright manor is a multi media haunted house project, that will eventually( I hope ) be constructed as a "Spookhouse" Dark ride. Most of the project consists of Halloween displays. This project has been in development since May of 1996. I will explain further in the next blog.

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