Fenwright Manor is a multi- media Haunted House project that began in May of 1996. The physical aspect started as Halloween props and set decoration. The ultimate goal is for it to be constructed as a Spookhouse Attraction.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

And Heed This Warning.....

Good evening, It has been quite some time since the last post.

I have seen many warning signs in queue lines for rides, so I decided to design a prototype for my haunted house queue line. It has a bit of humor as well as some helpful information, It will include a no food or drink warning, a no flash photo warning, and other safety warnings. 

I am considering making it a black light poster. I felt this sign necessary because I do not need angry parents with crying children saying" This ride was scary.. poor Johnny is balling his eyes out.. nobody told us it was a haunted house ride!" (As if the derilict mansion facade with the boarded up windows wasn't a clue).
until next time...

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