Fenwright Manor is a multi- media Haunted House project that began in May of 1996. The physical aspect started as Halloween props and set decoration. The ultimate goal is for it to be constructed as a Spookhouse Attraction.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Why Is "Spookhouse" a Dirty Word?

I had such a momentum in September of 2003 after viewing some of Marc Davis' s Haunted Mansion concept art on the wonderful yet sadly defunct GrimGhosts.com.  Ideas started to flow and concepts were crudley drawn hastily in notepaper. I had even decided on a track layout, yet it would be a while before settling on a vehicle. But a vexing problem has been a lack of "stunts" or gags. I have a few ideas, but it seems to lack a certain cohesive theme.

Showing some Spookhouse love Halloween 2004

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